Synopsis (continued)

When Gypsy and Clive learn about the annual "Night of 1000 Stevies" in New York City, their deep-seeded dreams are unleashed. With Clive's encouragement, Gypsy crushes her fears and vows to be the best Stevie Nicks impersonator Gotham has ever seen.

They pile into a '79 Trans Am and begin a journey for acceptance. In five hundred miles they will reach New York, but not before colliding head-on with the judgments of both society and themselves.

Mile-marker 110. High-Ball Cocktail Lounge...featuring the vocal stylings of Miss Bambi LeBleau, a wearily fabulous lounge singer frozen in a time gone by. In Bambi, Gypsy finds both a kindred spirit and a dark vision of her possible fate...

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