From the Writer/Director (continued)

Stevie flowed out -- in a riot of chiffon, at nearly 200 pounds -- and completely rocked my world. After several songs, Tim and I turned to each other -- both of us glassy-eyed and beaming -- and realized a delicious spell had been cast upon us. After every song, the woman we later came to know as the High Priestess of Rock would twirl offstage and return in a new sequined shawl or velvet cape. I was in heaven. Stevie Nicks touched something deep inside me. On that summer night, I realized her songs were a primal part of my musical memory.

Tim and I immediately dove boots-first into a whole new world of Stevie. On the internet, we met a fabulous collection of fans who greatly inspired me. What struck me most was how diverse they were -- men, women, old, young, gay, straight. All united by the common thread of Stevie's music. Inspired by the honesty in her words and the ups and downs of her life. Knowing that if she could survive drug addictions, weight problems and broken hearts -- maybe they could, too.

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