From the Writer/Director (continued)

One fan in particular was a woman named Susan Childs. A large and beautiful woman, Susan LIVES Stevie Nicks. She supplements her income by selling Stevie-inspired accessories online and dresses like her idol in her daily life. Susan's bold confidence reminded me of a long-lost Ohio friend, and the genesis of the Gypsy character was born. I considered it a challenge to write a big, sexy, damaged woman who was not always polite.

Around that same time, we discovered Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell's "Night of 1000 Stevies" at NYC's legendary nightclub, Mother. We spent weeks making shawls, finding the right boots (the heels had to be perfect!), wig shopping, etc. It was there I met Art L'Hommedieu, a beautiful Goth boy with a passionate love for Stevie. Art was one of the true eccentrics I've come across in life -- an ever-changing chameleon in jet black hair, makeup and Victorian clothes. Stories of him as a child emulating Stevie's concert videos move-for-move in the driveway of his suburban New Jersey home melted my heart. It was through Art, and the club Mother, that I connected Stevie and Goth.

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